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Welcome to the ReptileLabs Website.

We are not incorporated yet.

Public information on our products and employment opportunities will be posted when they become available.

We are accepting resumes for possible future use for both potential employees and consultants. For more information, go to the Employment page.

We would also like to make contact with potential angel / pre-seed investors interested in putting money into new-tech alternative energy projects in Canada (British Columbia) Business plan and technology development in progress. Information on the kind of people we'd like to talk to below

Principals only, please.

We plan to create a specific new organization to do this, the working name is SVOtech, the working logo is above.

People interested in future employment opportunities should go to the Employment page.


ReptileLabs exists to create value for investors, customers, the general public, employees, consultants by creating and selling unique high technology goods and services. We do this by creating products that do what we told the public they will do.

ReptileLabs is the R&D vehicle for a number of projects conceived over the years by its founder, mostly matching the criteria listed below. These projects range from consumer products to electronics R&D tools to . . . Employees / consultants will be encouraged to come up their own ideas to add to this initial program. If they fit our purposes, we'll come up with a way to help you do it.

ReptileLabs will also be doing a little consulting in the meantime in areas where we can make a uniqe contribution to pay the bills while we continue to look for money.

We will be looking for projects that:

We will also get feedback from real customers / end users before finalizing designs.

Potential Investors

Yes, we are looking for money. If you like high-tech, high-risk but in the context of building / marketing / producing / selling real products, tell us: If you're looking for a company whose sole purpose is to get to a successful IPO and cash out leaving a corporate wreckage and newly unemployed and investors subsequent to you holding the bag, you're at the wrong place. There are still plenty of opportunities like that elsewhere and we suggest you find one.

If you want to talk, click here.


What you see here are plans and opinions of the company founders. Anything you see here may change, due to business conditions or the terms and conditions under which we wind up getting funded.

General inquiries should be sent via our contact page.

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