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Welcome to ReptileLabs Employment Information.

We are not accepting resumes at this time from agencies or job shops. If and when this changes, it will be announced here.

Public information on our products and employment opportunities will be posted when we are prepared to disclose it.

We are accepting resumes for possible future use for both potential employees and consultants. We are not currently hiring.

We are looking for people with experience in:


  • Linux, secured Linux versions (e.g. Bastille, Trust-it), freeBSD, openBSD, Solaris
  • experience in creating custom open source distributions
  • Java, C, C++
  • embedded processors, including secure mini-Web servers
  • No, we don't expect to find any single person with all of these skills.

Web Development / Graphics

  • cgi scripting: PERL, Python
  • Javascript (a sample would be of interest)
  • Flash 5 (a sample would be of interest)
  • css/dhtml
  • any midrange to high-end graphics application (PhotoShop, PhotoPaint, PSP, gIMP) (a sample would be of interest)
  • XML
  • intranet development

System Administration

  • Linux, secured Linux, freeBSD, openBSD, Solaris
  • S/390
  • general computer and network security, starting with firewalls and intrusion detection systems, including recommended network security admin and user best practices
  • fiber optic connections to ISP/Net backbone.
  • DSL
  • wireless, both point to point and general coverage, 802.11b , VPN, IPSEC, aware of workarounds for well-known wireless security problems.

Civil and Mechanical Engineering

  • Sewage treatment plant design.
  • Hydraulics
  • Design of large-scale liquid-handling installations.


  • Algae growth (specifics later)

Technical Writing

Submit writing samples as well as docs. Technical journalism experience a plus. We have seen a great deal of bad user / product / developer documentation and don't propose to pay people to create any more.

Human Resources

Experience with use of Web-based vendor HR benefits, etc. administration packages, also experience with standard applications for this purpose. While we plan to be using applications which you have probably never seen for your purposes, you must understand how current tools work to make it worthwhile to train you on the new ones. You will not be screening resumes, you can expect to provide support for benefit administration, getting information out about company policies and routine in-house company information. Basic html experience will be helpful, you'll probably be disseminating a significant amount of information via company intranet.

Senior Management

You have in some way participated as a manager / VP / CEO / CFO / CIO in the actual provision of goods and services.

If your previous track record is:

  • you helped a company to IPO
  • you cashed out 6 months after the IPO
  • you left behind a company with an obviously unsound business model in the form of wreckage with the subsequent round investors / public and employees holding the bag
this might make you suitable as an investor if you can live without having a lot of input into this company.

The "let's hope a bigger sucker buys us" management style is obsolete as of the dot.com crash. In fact, this kind of management style won't even get a company to IPO, people are looking for value and a believable business model now.

Successful Old Economy experience is a good thing, but you need to show that you understand the Internet environment, both technical and social.

Finally, we've worked for the kind of management that's the primary source of humor in the Dilbert ® comic strip. We don't plan to pay for any. We can't afford the kind of inefficiency and misplaced priorities the comic strip describes.

Note: the Dilbert comic strip is an intellectual property owned by United Media. As can be readily seen, no content from the actual comic strip is used on this site, those of you who enjoy the comic strip should click the above link.

General Information

Note: In general, we aren't all that interested in your academic degrees. Industry accepted non-Microsoft certifications do interest us. (Novell, Brainbench, Red Hat, Linux Professional Institute, etc.) The exception to this is civil/mechanical engineering for legal reasons. Your portfolio interests us most, we want to see what you can actually do.

Most assignments and positions will be telecommute, applicants must have own equipment and software. In some cases (electronic or mechanical design) this will include electronics or computer lab equipment or a home workshop. For certain business functions, a permanent location with a recognizable address works better where people will be coming to work, this will be created and will evolve as needed. When we need people to put in a central business location, we'll announce it.

Send documents as .txt, .rtf, .html, .jpg, .gif., .xls, .sxw , tmd , .dxf , dwg .doc and other MS Office document formats (e.g. PowerPoint or Excel) should be Office 97 or earlier. Please keep any document submissions under 1 Mb, if you need more, contact us and tell us what you have in mind, the same if you have a document to send not in the above formats. If you're running Open Office or Textmaker or Planmaker, go ahead and send it.

Since we're still looking for funding at this point, don't call us, we'll call you.

Microsoft will probably not be used in our hardware products If all you have is an MCP/MCSE and no experience, or your experience is NT/2000/XP/2003 + IIS only, or your experience is Windows-only, we can't use you for technical positions,

For telecommuting non-technical positions, we don't plan to support MS file formats past Office 97 / W98SE , and have already migrated to the Linux distribution Debian Etch (testing using VMware Server to deal with legacy Windows applications and formats. Our primary document formats will be Open Document.

This isn't a position based on the religious war between MS and open source, it's merely that -ix is easy to lock down in a userbase that's never seen a CLI and it rarely crashes, preconfigured machines for embedded use should result in a lower TCO than MS can deliver. The problems with Windows itself are well known and the new Vista means new bugs. The other point is that since there's no reason for a new company to put up with vendor lockin via format, we aren't going to.

Most of our associates will only be working a few hours a week solving specific assigned problems for us and doing a day job with another tech company or consultancy.

Working environment:

For our full time people, those working during the startup phase can expect a startup atmosphere, you'll be implementing genuinely new products that will directly affect the lives of most people. Including the debug. We generally don't intend to ask you for 24 hour days unless there really is a problem, and decent planning should prevent most of this kind of problem from taking place. ReptileLabs is not run by 19 year olds on their first startup.

ReptileLabs is intended to be a mostly virtual place full of bright, interesting people doing unusual things.

You want to invent the future? ReptileLabs might be your starting point.

We have a related project intended to build a company intended to be the dominant provider of a financial infrastructure product, meaning that once the basic technology is built and the network is rolled out technological growth will be incremental, it isn't supposed to be exciting at that point. If this appeals to you, write "Project 2" in the subject header of your resume submission. Software background with POS systems or supermarket back-end systems would be of special interest here.


If we contact you, we'll be ready to discuss it. The scheme we have in mind is one where, at one extreme you take all your salary or hourly consultant rate in cash, at the other extreme you take all your salary in options based on projected stock value at the next investment round. Needless to say, going with "all option" salaries is a high-risk, hopefully high-return gamble. Remember, the only reasonable guarantee one can make in a high tech business world is due diligence or better, your hope is that the suits will be working as hard and as intelligently as you do. Our compact with employees and long-term consultants is. . . don't let us down and we'll try hard not to let you down.

Please do NOT send us NDA material, even if it's your own personal / proprietary without discussing it with us first. Remember that e-mail is not secure. For secure discussions of NDA material, the following e-mail encryption software PGP - Win, OSX or Hushmail or GPG (GnuPG) - Linux, OSX, Win is recommended. We can trade G/PGP keys if secure communication seems reasonable.

We do not guarantee response to resumes and other inquiries, we will respond if positions / consulting assignments are open that appear to fit you.

General inquiries should be sent via our contact page.


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